This pandemic may be with us for some time.  Many of our patients are seniors.  Therefore, they are considered "HIGH RISK".  

The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario has released a set of guidelines that many consider to be "relaxed" when treating individuals who screen or test negative for COVID-19.  However, the guidelines to treat individuals who have been exposed to or are positive for COVID-19 are quite strict.  As scientific study of this virus is still in its infancy, we at Dentistry on Rochman are not willing to put ANY of our patients, staff, and families at risk.  As such, we have implemented "universal precautions" as it pertains to COVID-19.  That is, we are assuming that EVERYONE has been exposed to the virus, and can spread it.  

What does this mean?  

There are added measures that we have taken and added protocols that you will have to endure (both before, during and after your appointment).  This is to ensure that the chance of you being exposed or exposing others to the virus, is kept to a minimum.  As most of the dental work in our clinic involves the generation of "aerosols" from the mouth, that makes the dental office a potential "hot spot" for infection. 

CHANGES in the clinic...

1. We are utilizing HEPA filtration units to "clean" the air in the "operatory" 

2. We are utilizing UV lights to "clean" the air in the "operatory"

3. All doors will be closed (including the operatory door - after you enter)

4. There will be a "settle time" after we are done in the "operatory" before it is cleaned and sterilized

5. We will maintain our "strict" sterilization protocols - for room and instruments

​6. All surfaces that are in potential "contact" with any patient will be wiped with sterilization wipes multiple times a day (including bathroom)

7. Barriers have been installed at the front desk and 2 metre distancing is being observed

8. Staff will be wearing appropriate PPE (including fitted N95 masks)

BEFORE the appointment...

1. PRE-APPOINTMENT SCREENING will be done (a series of questions to assess your risk level and whether you have been exposed)

2. A review of your MEDICAL HISTORY

3. We need as much PHOTO or VIDEO information regarding the "problems" in your mouth (to plan your appointment BEFORE you come) in

when you ARRIVE...

1. Wait in your car, and give us a call.    


3. You will need to complete a CONSENT FORM

4.Your SCREENING information will be reviewed and your TEMPERATURE will be taken

5. You will have to perform HAND HYGIENE

6. Escorts are encouraged to wait in their car or outside the building

7. You may want to dress warmly, because the A/C will be higher (as we will be in multiple layers of PPE)

8. We will try to book less frequent, yet longer appointments (the less you come, the lower the risk of infection)

DURING your appointment...

​1. You will be required to rinse with a PEROXIDE RINSE before examination/treatment

2. You are encouraged to stay in the "operatory" until your procedure(s) are complete

3. A "rubber dam" may be utilized - to limit aerosol spray during treatment

4. There will be multiple powerful suction devices that will be on during your treatment - to limit aerosol spray

5. No physical contact

6. Dr. Ram and staff will be in FULL PPE when they come into the room

7. In general, we will try to do more established/textbook treatment than in the past (i.e., no more "watching" or "let's try this and see")

AFTER your appointment...

Every attempt should be made for payments to be electronic